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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the North Shore Academy?

A new high school located in the Harbourside community of North Vancouver! We offer a progressive and innovative approach to blended learning, and the flexibility to customize and offer an inspiring high school education in accordance with all BC Ministry of Education requirements.

What is blended learning?

Blended learning is a hybrid of in-class and e-learning platforms for students to progress at their own structured pace with the support of teachers and modern technology. North Shore Academy and Navigate have fused the best of the e-learning world and classroom teaching to create an exceptional modern education environment which is adaptive, accountable, and empowering for youth. 

What courses do you offer? 

Grades 8 through 10 have a structured course schedule and availability offered in accordance with BC Ministry of Education requirements. Greater course selection occurs in senior high school years, with all available courses provided through Navigate. We also strongly believe in enrolling in additional full credit life-interest courses such as Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Personal Finance just to name a few. 

What does a typical schedule or day look like?

The North Shore Academy offers morning and afternoon in-class learning cohorts, designed in a trimester system from September through June. Our morning cohort is scheduled Monday through Friday from 830am to 1200pm, and our afternoon cohort is scheduled Monday through Friday from 1230pm to 400pm. This means YOU can choose which cohort schedule and arrangement best fits with your needs. Typically this involves 2-3 courses of focus per trimester, and our trimester rotates in-class learning schedules every 12 weeks. In addition to dedicated class schedules, we also offer dedicated time scheduled for study blocks and tutorials. 


Is the Academy open to any high school student? 

As with any big decisions in life, we want to ensure our Academy is the right fit for you.  We welcome students with high standards of accountability, who seek excellence in their goals and actions, and are yearning to develop the foundation for their best life. See our current registration inquiry form and provide us with more information about yourself. 


What are the school fees?

With an investment in a dedicated modern facility, school administration, customizable scheduling, and additional academic resources to enhance the student learning experience, there is a cost to attend the North Shore Academy.  To determine your program fees (based on enrollment status- full time, part time, additional resources required, etc.) please contact us.

How large are class sizes?

We are proud to create a school where class sizes are approximately 20% smaller than your typical high school. This means 20-24 students per class, as opposed to 30. And no, we do not have classrooms in portables.

Do I have to play sports to be accepted?

No, you do not need to play sports to attend the North Shore Academy.  While we have partnerships with existing sport organizations on the North Shore, we are proud to offer customizable timetables to suit a variety of student needs.  Check out the many programs we help facilitate!  

Ask us more at: info@northshoreacademy.ca