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North Shore Academy is founded on the need for a better education model.  As families continue to seek alternatives to the traditional school model, North Shore Academy acknowledges the many demands of extra-curricular activities and family responsibilities without sacrificing the quality of education.  With our progressive and innovative approach to learning, the flexibility and customization of an inspiring high school education has finally arrived. 

Our Academy experience offers a hybrid of in-class and e-learning platforms for students to progress at their own structured pace with the support of teachers and modern technology. This allows more time and freedom to enjoy engaging activities and other life interests without compromise.

We are experienced educators and specialists in blended learning. We have fused the best of the e-learning world and traditional teaching to create an exceptional modern education environment which is adaptive, accountable, and empowering for youth. We expand the student education experience, combining autonomy with responsibility, and fostering creativity with independence.

The experience, flexibility, customization, and schedule we offer is second to none.  

Our programs are designed for: 

  • High Performance Athletes
  • Aspiring Artists
  • Accelerated Academics
  • Early Work Co-ops
  • Independent Schedules

If you are a high school student in Grade 8-12 that seeks excellence in any of these areas, our school on Vancouver’s North Shore was built for you.


Welcome to Harbourside North Vancouver, home of the North Shore Academy. Five minutes from Upper Levels Highway 1, steps from the majestic Vancouver Harbour, and walking distance to Lonsdale Quay. This is our home.


As a small school, we have a dedicated and flexible staff who inspire and challenge our students to reach their full academic potential. Along the way, we ensure students get the most out of their Academy experience through our passion to educate and commitment to serve. At North Shore Academy we foster personal growth, instill self-confidence and strive for a sense of community.   With our education partner Navigate, BC Certified teachers, education assistants, specialized academic tutors, counsellors, administration and support staff, our team is well regarded and loves what we do. 

North Shore Academy Campus

Mark Tremaine, Director of Education

Lanita Moore, Registrar/Administrative Coordinator

William Wong, Administrative Director

Navigate NIDES Administration

Jeff Taylor, Principal 

Alison Kavaliunas, Vice Principal

Caroline Gauthier, Counsellor 

Wendy Chase, Counsellor

Chelsea Heidebrecht, Learning Support

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