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New Perspective

Welcome to education with a new perspective. Many schools are still trying to figure out the continual changes brought on by technology and the evolution the World endured in 2020. Our youth, and your kids, deserve a school that puts their needs and future, first. Some call that common sense, some consider it how learning and education should be offered in today’s day and age. Thankfully, we have evolved and innovated with the times. We are prepared and proactive with teachers and the technology to offer you a remarkable education experience.  


The philosophy of our Academy is progressive education and performance excellence, for generations. A leader in BC’s progressive education landscape since 1995, Navigate is our BC Ministry of Education partner. 

  • Award Winners.

    As an early adopter with an innovative approach to learning, Navigate has won International, National, and Provincial awards. In short, we are a progressive education leader. This means zero compromise on the quality of our education.

  • Blended Learning.

    This brings the best of classroom teaching, customized scheduling, and state of the art learning technology together to offer a personalized education program without the exorbitant private school price tag. Instruction is led by BC Certified teachers.  Education is delivered face to face at our Harbourside location, and also remotely where required.


  • Flexibility.

    The flexibility of our Academy enables collaboration with activities, interests, employment, and even early graduation! Create your own future, at your own pace, for your own needs. This isn’t that same old one size fits all corral system – we encourage your individual drive, energy, and creativity. We are here for YOU! 

  • High Standards.

    Our standards of accountability are high, and we expect the same of our students and families. If you are either college, university, or trade school bound, and yearning for a great life, we focus on the self discipline of your habits to attain your goals. 

  • Small school, big difference.

    We are small for a reason with practical class sizes and customizable academic scheduling. Sound different? We are. Welcome to a versatile education option providing an inspirational learning environment. Consider us your boutique school. We are big on education, and we are big on quality of student experience.



We encourage you to live your best life and we’re here to contribute to that greatness! Activities in the morning? No problem, join us for school in the afternoon. Away with your family for a month? That’s awesome, join us remotely via our e-learning platform, or return next trimester!  Sports training in the afternoon?  Register for our morning cohort. Friday is our dedicated Leadership Development Day to pursue YOUR interests, goals, and volunteerism outside your normal academic routine. We are as close as you will get to a school with a 3-day weekend, every week! 

Our trimester approach to learning allows for students to focus on 2 or 3 courses at a time. Our school year typically runs from September to June, honoring closures during statutory holidays, Winter, and Spring Break.  Additional opportunities for learning, tutoring sessions, and educational resources are available onsite, outside school hours, and in the summer months.

In the event of a learning disruption or pandemic challenges, our blended learning delivery model ensures every student has access to continued support through our e-learning technology platform. The occasional snow day shutdown may have been an easy day off in the past, but now, no excuses! 


august, 2022

Leadership Development


The World needs creative thinkers and positive difference makers. We love students who aspire to lead; and want to leave their mark on the World with an audacious goal or dream. To support those goals and dreams, we introduced Leadership Fridays. It will not feel like a school day, but a day to pursue sport, volunteerism, art, employment interests, entrepreneurship, and hobbies. Get ready for guest speakers, field trips, and activities to help propel your passions! Consider our Fridays as flex days to pursue self discovery and put an action plan in place for your goals and dreams.

It takes a village to raise a child. We are fortunate to live in a wonderful part of the World. A healthy, vibrant, and engaged community is the cornerstone to the development of our youth. We are proud to call North Vancouver home, and our students are proud to give back to the community through volunteerism and causes that help the greater good. Our Academy commitment of 20 community volunteer hours per student, per year, rounds out our leadership development programming.