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Is your child pursuing a phenomenal experience outside of school?  Does your child require an education option that fits a unique schedule? We know this is something traditional schools have difficulty offering.  At North Shore Academy, we love high achievers both inside and outside the classroom and are happy to offer customized education schedules. Would you benefit from this? 


Designed for competitive or high-performance athletes looking for a more versatile school schedule to take training to the next level. With our flexible timetable, and e-learning technology platform, gone are the days of missing school for tournaments or competitions. Baseball? Hockey? Skiing? Dance? Field Hockey? Tennis? Golf? At North Shore Academy, we appreciate student athletes across all disciplines. We want you to be successful in the classroom and help you achieve your highest potential in sport too! 


A performer destined for the big screen with demands of an irregular schedule?  A blossoming artist who would like more time to apprentice and refine? Pursuing a career in music and already well on your way with your talents? Enjoy a flexible education schedule that gives greater time and freedom to pursue those passions while maintaining your GPA! 


For students pursuing an advanced work co-op or already set on a career path, let us help you make it happen! Knowing your work schedule, we can customize education schedules to allow for greater work opportunities without compromising education.  Get ahead and start accumulating co-op or internship hours now.  Do what you love and still receive your BC Dogwood certificate!


At NSA our education model presents opportunities for students who are driven, independent and motivated to take additional courses, or to have a less demanding course load, depending on your need.

You might be a student who loves school so much that you are already ahead of the pack and want to accelerate your graduation. Or you may want to get more courses done earlier, so you can focus on your sport later. In either case NSA will ensure your course selection has prepared you for life after high-school, including meeting the most stringent university entrance requirements.

Our expert and experienced team of academic advisors will guide you on the path that is right for you.


Maybe you would love the freedom to be you and do school on your own time? Let us help. If you require the freedom and flexibility to create your own schedule, we are not going to hold you back!